Quinton Greene is the kind of guy that anyone can relate to. Think of someone you’d have an instant connection with and want to hang out… that’s him! His persona has been described as engaging and energetic, yet laid-back with a Nubian flair. This can be linked to growing up in a large and slightly dysfunctional (i.e. Southern) family in South Carolina. This personality was further refined with the help of some interesting friends and experiences during his extended time “studying” at the University of South Carolina. These experiences not only helped spawn the atypical Black man that he is, but also taught him that the funniest things usually come from everyday life.

Quinton’s first taste of the stage was during the Charleston Comedy Festival. While this experience was initially meant as a means of crossing an item off his bucket list, he ended up joking his way into the final round of the competition and was instantly bitten by the comedy bug. Since then, he has honed his talents while touring and performing in comedy clubs, theaters, and corporate events across the country. He’s also been featured on JLTV, multiple television commercials, comedy festivals, and at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Recently, he has also added his voiceover skills to several educational and corporate training videos.  

In other words, Quinton Greene is one of the hands down funniest guys you’ll ever see. It’s just that plain… that simple… and that funny!

Jesse Jones has been doing stand-up comedy comedy for the last eight years. His high-energy style and honest story telling allows crowds to connect with him on a personal level whether they want to or not. He has been seen on MTV, Laughs on Fox, reviewed by the New York Times and the web series Fitness Fail.

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